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President: Tony Roberts, or

Vice President: Nolan Reynolds, or

Treasurer: Paul Brightbill, or

Secretary: Stacy Weenick, or

Board Member : Suzette Gooch,

Board Member: Dustin Drabot,

Board Member: Connie Clark,

Board Member: Brandon Reynolds,



  1. Feel free to enter suggestions or comments here. *Constructive* criticism is welcome if suggestions are actionable. Please be courteous. Thanks!

  2. Is there a leash law in colonel hills .if there’s then why is it every day a group of kids let their Pitts lose to run there mothers let them take the dogs to other peoples yards and poop on them we have tried to get them to leash there dogs but they wont my dogs never go outside alone and they stay in my back yard with me .every day these two pitt pups are running with the kids and there “kids” are little they shouldn’t have that responsibility of walking those dogs with no leash every day around 4 o’clock they are running wild with these dogs the mother pitt already bit some one
    They let the dogs run there is parvo in the park 5 puppies have dies already from going in the park and now the pups are running what can be done .not going to say what street i am on because i do not want them coming to my place and tearing it up because i went to you

    • Yes, there is a mandatory leash law. If you see people breaking the law, you need to call the police. This goes for everything. The EPPD specifically asks us to call, call, call. It’s not a hindrance.

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