Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch

At a recent neighborhood meeting, we listed several notable actions any resident can take to either prevent a home burglary, or at least minimize losses if a burglar should happen to break in.  Some options are more expensive, some have only modest expense, and some are free.


  • Security System–Hardware can ring up to several hundred dollars, including door monitors, window monitors, glass break sensors, motion sensors, radio transmission hardware.  Monitoring can range from $16-$30 per month.
  • Motion sensor lighting (new installs)–can be a few hundred for a couple lights and installation
  • Privacy fence–likely $1,000 or more
  • Surveillance cameras–typically minimal $200 for a single camera.  Most need to be hardwired, but new ones are wireless.  Some may feed to a digital video recorder, and some may feed to the internet where you can view streaming images from your smart phone.


  • Deadbolts–Keyed on both sides (keeps burglar from being able to simply walk out if he/she broke in through a window).  Make sure you are using 4″ screws into the door frame
  • Dog (if aggressive and not kept in a crate)
  • Blinds for windows–don’t let anyone be able to see what’s inside your house
  • Motion sensor exterior lighting (existing light sockets)–if it’s in a strategic location, this can save cost


  • Keeping some exterior lights on, such as a porch light (but don’t use chain-pull lights that burglars can turn off themselves)
  • Trimming bushes that could conceal a burglar near your house
  • Pinning windows on older wood windows (~$6 per pack of 8 )
  • Talking to your neighbors
  • Inexpensive signs: Neighborhood Watch, Beware of Dog, Alarm System (even if you don’t have any of those, a sign might give pause)
  • Never opening the door to strangers
  • Requesting police check on house while on vacation
  • Interior or exterior timed lights/music

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For more ideas, please click the logo for the National Crime Prevention Council web site

NCPC web site

NCPC web site

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